John Carl creates paintings and Illustrations of New York architecture, landscapes and everyday life in the city.
Most of his illustrations are done on location using his iPad as a canvas to tell stories.
His illustrations highlight the beauty and reflect the pride of NYC neighborhoods.
I love rain, and this scene is just so satisfying to look at, I can smell the rain and hear distant cars driving through puddles. 😑 Ya always transport me with your art. - Susan S.


I am Loving this series of art... I’d buy the book... I have ALWAYS been one of your biggest fans!!! Much Luv...

Lucy P.

I feel like I'm reading a story, eagerly awaiting for the page to turn, that is, the next illustration to be displayed! Delightful! Eye-catching! Any writer should be proud to have you as an illustrator!

Stephanie B.

 Ready to purchase. But now I have a dilemma. I don't know which to choose. I love them All. You need to do a Book!

Beverly D.

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